Slabofmisuse Remix EP
Slabofmisuse Remix EP, the original can be found here. The 5 track EP includes remixes by Desert Head, Thor Rixon, Life Magic, Seafood ∆∆∆ and RVWR. The release coincided with a launch event at The Assembly on Wednesday 14 August 2013. The event was headlined by SLABOFMISUSE with support acts including Seafood ∆∆∆, Thor Rixon, Life Magic and SYNW residents B# and 4th. Photos for the event can be found here(Assembly photos) & here(Vagabond youth Club photos).


Gravy, Cape Town’s Seasoned Electronic Collective
“I think, in a way, Cape Town is to left-of-field electronic music now, what Seattle was to Grunge in the 90s. Its just this incredible, fertile scene with so many people making world-class music, and some really ground-breaking artists have emerged,” states producer Richard the Third. The Gravy collective features some of Cape Town’s most seasoned DJs and producers bringing some of their best work to the table. An impressive, zesty and never bass-shy look at the scope of local beat connoisseurs, these fine young men got together and packaged their love of “low-slung hip-hop electronica” in their first release Gravy 001 — which boasts a great recipe for dynamism including tracks by Card On Spokes, Christian Tiger School, O’ltak, Richard the Third, RVWR,Mr Sakitumi, Sibot, and SlabofMisuse. Dank‘s simmering and playful opening track “Basil Pesto” kicks things off, while Gravy 001 reaches a boiling point with Narch’s earth-shaking “Jellybean,” which ushers in Liver’s “The Word Is” and fills ears right up with it’s deeply satisfying charm.

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